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Enjoy fun, fitness and friendships with gymnastics classes in Pakenham and Emerald

reach gymnastics rings adults and kids classes

Meet the Owner

Rebecca Tilley is the owner and director of Reach Gymnastics®. Rebecca has an extensive background in gymnastics, coaching and business.

Reach Gymnastics® was first opened at the beginning of 2015 with our Emerald venue. We then expanded into our Pakenham venue at the beginning of 2018.  

Rebecca is passionate in her belief that gymnastics is for everybody. She is strongly committed to having a positive, inclusive environment, and has worked tirelessly to provide a safe, best practice club where children can feel supported, included and challenged.

Our Mission

Our mission at Reach Gymnastics® is to teach kids first. We build strong, healthy, positive kids.



It’s proven that the main reason kids quit organised sport is when it stops being fun.


We want to empower young people to embrace a healthy lifestyle.


We are a firm believer in building skills for life, and the foundations must be solid.


We want our community of gymnasts, families and staff to build friendships, as relationships are so important to long term happiness.


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Our Values

Equality, Excellence, Fun, Growth, Safety


We value and strive to achieve excellence and professionalism in all aspects of delivery of our programs.  Our highly trained staff and members embrace the challenge of continuous improvement and endeavour to update and learn wherever possible.  We provide quality classes with a solid backing of knowledge and provide regular, useful, positive feedback for members.  We are dedicated to improving children’s lives through fundamental movement and the use of movement to teach skills for life.  We aim to teach children to reach for the stars!


We strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for athletes of all abilities and backgrounds.  We believe every member should have equal opportunity to excel regardless of age, gender, race, intellectual and physical ability.  We take into consideration the individual needs of the athletes, and the dynamic of the class together when planning.  No two classes are likely to have the exact same needs, and our highly trained staff tactfully adjust their lessons as needed to allow all children in the class to learn and enjoy their time in the gym.  We endeavour to teach our athletes that everyone needs to be treated fairly and with respect.


Life should be fun!  We aim to ensure our classes are fun and exciting for all regardless of ability or age, we encourage and support friendships and the development of social skills to form through creative games and activities, and continuously find new ways to integrate fun into our lessons.  Studies show that the number one reason children leave sport is when it is no longer fun, so we always use creative and well planned strategies to create a fun and engaging experience.


Gymnastics is all about falling over and getting up and trying again!  We use gymnastics to develop a growth mindset in our athletes.  Our athletes are taught that hard work beats talent, and we acknowledge and celebrate more than physical achievements in the gym.  Whether it’s a child’s confidence improving, their persistence, their attitude towards new activities, or an improvement in strength or skill.  We believe and aim to develop the whole child, not just the athlete, and teach skills for life!


The safety of everyone in our gym is at the forefront of everything we do.  It is incorporated into our curriculum and delivery of our classes.  We foster a supportive group environment and also consider the emotional safety of the athletes.  The equipment and facility is subject to regular checks and updates.  We are also a child safe club, employ a Child Safe Co-ordinator and discuss child safety at every staff meeting.

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