Adult Gymnastics Classes

held at our Pakenham gymnastics centre


Join in fitness and fun with our adult gymnastics’ classes

Have you always wanted to try gymnastics but never had the opportunity? Gymnastics is for EVERYBODY – it assists you with:

adult gymnastics classes emeralds and pakenham improves strength

Strength development

adult gymnastics classes emerald and pakenham improves flexability


adult gymnastics classes emerald and pakenham improves general fitness

General fitness

No experience required.

This class is very popular with ex-gymnasts whether they’ve participated in gymnastics for fun or whether undertaken competitive gymnastics. Through to dancers, entertainers, stunt workers, and martial artists.

Attendance is on a casual basis, making it very easy to fit around your schedule and other commitments. 

No need to book either, just turn up! | Free trial classes available

Our Adult Gymnastics classes are held at our Pakenham gym

Mondays 1pm-2pm, Wednesdays 1pm-2pm and 6.30pm-8.30pm

24 Rays Way, Pakenham

425 Belgrave-Gembrook Road, Emerald

I’ve spent the last 9 years watching various kids learn gymnastics and more recently, cheer. I find it heaps of fun to watch my kids develop new skills and get crazy strong. I have encouraged them to work on their strength at home to help (my kids tend to be flexible, which hinders their strength somewhat). It astounds me the dedication and enthusiasm they have at such young ages.

So, recent developments have enabled me to empathise a little more with my progeny, and I realise that these sports that I thought were pretty intense are, well, pretty intense.

In a moment of box-stepping-outside-of, I started doing an adult gymnastics class. I’ve only been in it for a few weeks, and while I’ve experienced pains heretofore unthought, I think I might be hooked.

After the first class the muscles between my foot bones hurt for a week. This week, I learned I have muscles between my ribs, and they can hurt too!

Nobody told me that my 42 year old body could still do a handstand, cartwheel or splits, beam, vault, rings and p-bars, but here I am, improving and beginning to think I could actually climb that darn rope! They are working us towards all the cool tumbling too, oh man, I’d love to be able to do a round off back handspring!

Monica S - Reach Pakenham adult gymnast

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