Meet Reggy

Meet Reggy

We would love to introduce you to Reggy, our new mascot! Reggy's name originated from a competition amongst our Reach community, with the creative suggestion coming from the McCullough family. Reggy is a combination of REach and GYmnastics! Reggy embodies reaching for...

Breaking News!

Something new and exciting is coming to our Pakenham gym in 2022!  Watch this space over the next few weeks for more information!

Nutrition Session

Learn the basics of fueling for exercise. Gymnastics can be a very demanding sport. Between training, school, social events, and family time, the energy required for activity can be significantly increased. Supporting your training with nutrition is important for...

Gymnastics classes are held at either our:

Pakenham Centre or Emerald Centre.

Location will depend on the class you are wanting.

24 Rays Way, Pakenham

425 Belgrave-Gembrook Road, Emerald

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We have classes to suit ages from 18 months