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Welcome to our Pakenham centre

Welcome to our Emerald centre

My first lesson

We understand that new environments can be daunting for some children.  Our staff is here to assist and help you have a great first experience at the gym. These Visual Schedules may assist your child feel more comfortable and prepared if read before attending your first class.

Remember to ask your coach any questions that you have and let them know if you need any help with anything, or feel worried at all.  We can’t wait to see you at gymnastics!


welcome to at reach gymnastics pakenham

Off to gymnastics I go

seating area at reach gymnastics pakenham

I wait in the seating area until class begins

coach welcome at reach gymnastics pakenham

My coach calls me into class

locker area at reach gymnastics pakenham

I take off my shoes and socks and leave them with my drink bottle in a locker

warm up at at reach gymnastics pakenham

We start with a fun game to warm up our muscles

stretching at reach gymnastics pakenham

Then we do our stretching to prepare our muscles for all the cool skills we will learn

gymnastics apparatus at reach gymnastics pakenham

We split up into our groups and go to our first fun apparatus

ropes at reach gymnastics pakenham

Then we move to our second fun apparatus

strength conditioning at reach gymnastics pakenham

We finish off with some strength and conditioning to make us extra strong and fit

gymnastics class at reach gymnastics pakenham

Before we go home our coach lines us up and tells us all the great things we did

locker area at reach gymnastics pakenham

I take my belongings and exit the gym

Social story resources

Gymnastics Victoria, in partnership with Step by Step Psychology, are proud to present our new Social Story resources. 

Social Stories are a learning resource used to help explain social situations and expectations to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and help them to learn socially appropriate responses and behaviour. Although Social Stories were originally developed specifically for children with ASD, they are also useful social navigation tools for children with intellectual disability, poor comprehension skills and/or anxiety.

Clubs are encouraged to provide access to Social Stories on their websites for current and new members who may require assistance navigating common social situations in the gymnastics environment, including:


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