Recreational Gymnastics Classes 

at our Pakenham and Emerald gymnastics centres

What is Gymstar?

Gymstar is for boys and girls, and comprises of the following apparatus:

Have fun and participate in recreational gymnastics competitions

Gymstar provides recreational gymnastics competitions that are enjoyable for gymnasts, coaches, spectators and judges.

The program’s main objective is for all participants to enjoy the experience of participating to their full potential. Visit Gymstar for more information on the program.

gymstar handstand skills at reach gymnastics pakenham and emerald

Our Gymstar classes are held at both of our gymnastics centre locations

Pakenham for Gymstar level 1-10 classes

Emerald for Gymstar level 1-5 classes

24 Rays Way, Pakenham

425 Belgrave-Gembrook Road, Emerald

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We have classes to suit ages from 18 months to adults.